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These Stunning Endangered Species Need Your Help On World Wildlife Day

Saturday, March 3 is World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.  This year’s theme is centered on big cats. The reason? Lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar populations have been declining the last forty years due to loss of habitat and prey, conflicts with humans, and poaching.

Conserving earth’s wildlife, even famous predators like big cats, is essential to the future of humankind and the Earth. Can you imagine a world without these beautiful creatures? Their survival and the survival of their ecosystems depends on us coming together to protect them from the effects of climate change, illegal trade, and illegal hunting.

Celebrate World Wildlife Day and check out the stunning animals who need your help.

According to Panthera, tigers are the most endangered cat in the world.

The elegant jaguar’s habitat has been cut in half due to deforestation.

No, this isn’t Wakanda…

There are only 500 North Atlantic whales in existence right now.

Cheetahs’ homeland has been reduced by over 90%, leaving just 7,100 in the world.

The unique-looking pangolin is highly prized — and hunted — for its supposed effects on male virility.

Rescued gibbons in love <3

Poachers endanger the lives of African elephants. There are less than 450,000 left.

If the sight of a mama giraffe smooching her baby giraffe doesn’t make you take action…

Even grumpy toads want clean, pollution-free places to live!

Orphaned baby rhinos… Are you moved yet?

Bald eagles are making a huge comeback, up from under 500 in 1963 to almost 10,000 today!

Let’s conclude on a happy note: this adorable tiger cub was kidnapped, but fortunately, the culprit was caught!

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