About ThatHelps™

Little actions make a big difference™ on ThatHelps. The app was created for one simple reason: to foster a community of changemakers. The app’s core features support this mission to help you do more good, more often:

  • Opportunities. On our app, you can find, join, and complete calls to action called Opportunities that help the Interests you care about most. The more people who join and complete an Opportunity, the better!
  • Helping News™. There are so many people, groups, and businesses making positive change in the world, but it’s scattered across websites, apps, and other platforms. This is why we created a mood-boosting Helping News™ feed that highlights the good being done around the world. You can share your own helping news and show your appreciation by tapping the Thanks icon. Our research team vets all the content on the app, so you can be sure what you’re reading is real.
  • Rewards and impact tracking. On ThatHelps, you can earn badges and rewards for the good you do. Visit your profile to track your cumulative impact and influence. We think a little competition is a good thing, so we encourage you to visit other members’ profiles to see how your impact stacks up!
  • Healthy social networking. ThatHelps is also a community of people who want to improve the world. We took the positive elements of social networks—sharing and connecting—and combined it with our Opportunities, positive news, and impact tracking. Our app is built to inspire optimism, boost your mood, and inspire you to take action.

We’re unapologetic optimists. Let’s do some good together.

Frequently Asked Questions

ThatHelps is an app, digital resource, and community dedicated to empowering more people to do more to help worthy causes.
It’s easy! Download the ThatHelps app and begin choosing Interests to follow. Relevant opportunities to help and inspiring stories will populate your personal activity feed. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to join your helping network, so you can complete opportunities together.
There are 16 broad cause categories, from Animal Welfare to Veterans. Each Interest category is connected to a vetted partner organization and opportunities to help.
An Opportunity is an event or challenge to get involved and help. Opportunities are selected and vetted by the ThatHelps team.
The Community section of ThatHelps.com is a snapshot of what you will find on the ThatHelps app. Download the ThatHelps app on iPhone or Android to experience an enhanced version of ThatHelps and to create your own Activity Feed, follow specific Interests, and connect to a like-minded community of helpers.

ThatHelps has created a proprietary methodology that vets organizations based on quantitative and qualitative factors to determine those doing the most meaningful work worthy of support.

Our vetting model assesses the efficacy and impact made by non-profit organizations through extensive reviews of quantitative materials like annual reports, operations, and financial rankings from sources including Guidestar, Better Business Bureau, the Wise Giving Alliance, and Charity Navigator. We examine each nonprofit’s effectiveness and transparency with regard to fundraising efforts, tax and income filings, executive compensation and administrative expenses. Each category is dynamically weighted to provide a holistic view of the organization’s overall success and durability.

This is combined with qualitative aspects of an organization, such as their reputation in the industry, media and news reports, celebrity and influencer endorsements, volunteer feedback, testimonials, and impact stories.

Only the nonprofits that continue to meet or exceed our rigorous criteria are included on the ThatHelps website and app.