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Make This Simple Change to Help Replenish Earth’s Trees.

The Brazilian Amazon is the largest rainforest on the planet, home to countless species and natural wildlife. Right now, much of the rainforest is burning, in part due to deforestation and man-made fires. While we can’t replenish the rainforests directly, we can take simple actions to help plant trees worldwide.

One simple way to help replenish trees: the Ecosia search engine. It’s like any other search engine, except they use their profits to plant trees. Now ask yourself: how many times a day do you search popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo?

ThatHelps wants to help you switch to the Ecosia search engine* to do good for the planet—and double your impact. For each user who joins the Plant Trees Challenge on our app, we’ll donate $5 to One Tree Planted. $5 =  five trees planted.

Join the Plant Trees Challenge on ThatHelps app. It only takes about 3 minutes!

Don’t have the app yet? Here’s how to start making a difference for the planet on our app:

  1. Download our app. Look for the Plant Trees Challenge opportunity under the “Featured” section at the top of the app feed, then click “Join.” Once you’ve completed it, mark the Opportunity “Complete.” That’s it!
  2. Use ThatHelps to build followers and expand your helping network. Invite people to follow you. Then follow causes and interests to discover even more opportunities that make a difference. Or create your own to help the causes you care about!
  3. Activate your networks. Share your good deed with friends, family, and neighbors to inspire them to help the planet, too. On our app, you can even thank members for their efforts.
  4. Track impact.  This Challenge will be open through September 30, 2019 or until until 500 passionate members of the ThatHelps community join it. The sooner you participate and rally your networks, the sooner you can make an impact for the planet. Check out how much impact ThatHelps members made during our previous Challenge!

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*ThatHelps is not paid or asked to feature any products or brands. We just like to spotlight the good work done by individuals, vetted nonprofits, and businesses.