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How To Have An Urban Fishing Adventure

By: Lauren Ramakrishna

When you think about life in the big city, you might envision tall skyscrapers, bustling sidewalks, and honking horns. But what about fishing rods? While fishing may seem like a sport that’s more suited for rural or coastal dwellers, urbanites in any location can just as easily cast a line. Plus, there’s good reason to try fishing if you live in a city or urban area: scientific studies show that getting out into nature can help you de-stress, keep mood disorders at bay, and even improve some of your body’s functions.

Check out a few tips before you cast a line!

Do a little prep.

Before you start a fishing adventure, educate yourself about the tools you need and important safety points. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a helpful guide to fishing for the first time, including license requirements. You should make sure you have the proper fishing license—rules vary by state.

While there are plenty of free online videos and tutorials to help you learn how to fish, you can also visit one of your local fishing gear stores to learn if they have upcoming classes. Some offer them for free while others will charge a fee.

Fisheries are closer than you think.

Living in an urban jungle doesn’t mean you have to travel far to find a fishing spot. Freshwater fishing locations abound in the United States, including rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams that flow through and around most major urban areas.

Attention, Denver. ThatHelps’ partner Trout Unlimited, a national non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds, led initiatives to help transform a stretch of the South Platte river that runs through the Colorado city, helping the area support trout and other fish that are ready for catching!

And if you live in New York City, fly-fisher Tom Rosenbauer notes that there are bass and bluegills in Central Park. Live near Grand Rapids, Michigan? Steelhead swim in your downtown! Same goes for trout in Atlanta, Georgia.

Take a look at at this interactive map to find fishing areas near you!

Make it a vacation.

If you catch a love of fishing, you can easily head to a local body of water for a weekend getaway. Or, make the fishing adventure into a total escape. ThatHelps’ partner East Coast Greenway is a 2,000-mile-long biking and walking route that spans from Maine to Florida. East Coast urbanites can find an area along the path to plan a getaway—just bring along your tackle box. And if you want to travel to a more remote location to fish, Trout Unlimited is a great resource to help you find the perfect fishing lodge.

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