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When it comes to protecting the planet from climate change, the nonprofits, elected officials and grassroots organizers aren’t the only ones advocating for environmentalism. Companies like The North Face, Lush Cosmetics, Enterprise Rent-a-Car lead the charge for sustainability and conservation causes, funding great organizations like the Nature Conservancy. And there’s another company that’s really leading the corporate charge for environmental activism and stewardship: Patagonia.

How Patagonia Leads Environmental Activism

Patagonia bills itself “the activist” company for good reason. Since 1985, the company’s donated over $89 million to thousands of local environmental groups. They’re members of the “1% for the planet” coalition of companies that give one percent of sales to environmental groups. Instead of writing a large check to a few big organizations (which is great too), they give small grants between $2,500 and $15,000 to local groups defending their community water supply, public lands, air, water and soil. The grants make a huge impact for local groups without access to large donors or major infrastructure. Patagonia calls these generous donations their “Earth Tax.”

Not only do they donate generously, they also keep track of their business footprint.

Patagonia’s Action Works Takes Corporate Activism To The Next Level

Last week, Patagonia unveiled an incredibly useful initiative. CEO Rose Marcario announced the Action Works digital network to connect folks with their grantees to facilitate action on the most pressing environmental issues facing the world. Action Works connects people with issues in their area, events, fundraisers, petitions, and volunteering opportunities. Marcario’s reason for launching the trailblazing Action Works? “With the threats we face, we need everyone in this fight. We need to act now, together, and be a force for good.”

Watch how it works and join Patagonia Action Works here.

Patagonia’s Committed To Its Employees, Too

The company respects the environment and its employees. They provide company-paid health care and sick time for all employees, paid maternity and paternity leave, and access to on-site child care for employees at their headquarters and distribution center. Patagonia lays out a pretty convincing business case for these practices, like tax benefits, improving the bottom line, and employee retention. The company is living proof businesses can profit by doing good.

We’re thankful for any company that steps up to help make a difference. We believe in saying Thanks loudly and often. Thanking creates a ripple effect of altruism and kindness.

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