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The app that helps you improve our world, one simple action at a time. Let's do some good together.

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  • Discover easy, zero-cost ways to help the world in the areas that matter to you most
  • Read the mood-boosting Helping News™ to learn how others are making a difference
  • Experience and connect with an online community that’s doing good
  • Track your impact and influence over time
  • Earn badges and rewards for the good you do
  • Unleash your potential to make change

How ThatHelps works

  • Follow up to 16 Interests, such as Health & Wellness or Climate Change
  • Read, post, and share Helping News™ that inspires
  • Search, join, and complete actions that help your Interests called Opportunities
  • Tap the Thanks button to show your appreciation and gratitude
  • Follow fellow changemakers to grow your helping network
  • Visit your Profile to see your achievement over time

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An online community that’s good for the world

On our app, you can earn badges and rewards for the good you do. Joining and completing Opportunities earns the most shine, but completing simpler actions like learning, thanking, and sharing will also boost your impact score.

Another cool tool: visit your Profile to see your impact measured over time. Then see how your efforts stack up to ThatHelps’ community!

Who we are

ThatHelps is the brainchild of a team of passionate optimists. We believe there is untapped good in the world. We want to make altruism, advocacy, and activism easier—and more fun. ThatHelps puts meaningful Opportunities right in the palm of your hand so you can make positive change.

Our team curates content so that what you see is relevant, accurate, and most importantly, impactful. Learn more about us.