[Veterans & Military]

Simple Ways to Support Veterans in Your Community

By: Lauren Ramakrishna

Veterans Day is more than just the holiday when the banks are closed. It’s a day to pause, remember, and reflect about the significant sacrifice veterans and active service members of the United States military have made.

There are veterans in every town who need support—and appreciation. Ahead of this Veterans Day, find out how you can support veterans in your area and consider donating your time to help America’s heroes. Check out these opportunities and share them with your community!

1. Help DAV support a vet in need.

DAV is a nonprofit charity that helps veterans by providing free transportation to medical appointments and offering assistance with benefits claims. In addition to donating to this worthwhile nonprofit, you can fill out the DAV Volunteer For Veterans form to learn about specific volunteer opportunities like running errands or performing home maintenance tasks to help vets.

2. Volunteer at a local VA facility.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and medical facilities welcome volunteers, who can fulfill a variety of roles. Use this locater to find the closest facility to you, then visit that facility’s website or call the location to learn more about volunteering.

3. Help veterans get hired from your home.

The nonprofit Hire Heroes USA helps veterans, active members, and military spouses secure jobs outside of the military through career counseling, resume editing, and mentorship. The best part: you can help local vets and vets around the country right from your own home! When you fill out a volunteer application, you can choose from a list of potential tasks like conducting mock interviews, offering industry expertise, or even counseling prospective applicants online and on the phone.

4. Send a note or card to say “thank you.”

Thanking a veteran for his or her service is a simple action that can make a huge impact. If you know a veteran in your neighborhood, consider putting a note of thanks in their mailbox. If you don’t know a veteran, you can write and submit letters via Operation Gratitude, which delivers letters, cards, and care packages to veterans and military personnel. The best part: it’s a great craft project for kids! It’s never too early to learn how to support veterans in the community.