8 Ways To Use Less Plastic And Help Save Ocean Life

As humans, we produce a lot of trash that isn’t good for the environment and we can all do more to be good to our Earth. An easy way to cut down on trash output is by using less plastic, which is particularly harmful to the environment because it cannot be broken down. It turns into a dust-like like substance that pollutes soil and water, not to mention the negative impact it has on marine life.

Hundreds of thousands of animals like dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks die because of plastic pollution, whether it’s from consuming it or getting caught in it. Even recycling isn’t a reliable alternative because it requires a substantial amount of energy to produce recycled items. Ideally, we’d stop using plastic all together. But since that’s not entirely feasible, here are some tips and tricks to get plastic out of your and our sea friends’ lives.

1. Upgrade your razor. How many disposable razors do you use a month? Multiply that by the adult population of America, and that’s a lot of plastic every year. Using a razor with blades that can be replaced is the way to go.

2. Get rid of the baggies. Reusable containers and bags for your lunch and snacks are a money and ocean saver. These cute sandwich bags will make you forget all about those plastic baggies.

3. Try a swap... A plastic swap. It’s easy to exchange household items made of plastic. Buy clothing detergent sold in boxes. Use paper plates instead of plastic when you throw that summer BBQ (or try the biodegradable kind.) Need an air freshener? Do candles instead of the solid or canned air fresheners.

4. Sip from the glass. Give up the straw, even when you go to a restaurant.

5. Up your water bottle game. There is literally no excuse for buying plastic bottles of water now that there are so many sleek, chic steel water bottles for sale. Also: look for boxed water if you must buy water.

6. Reuse your bags. This is one is obvious, but getting in the habit of bringing your own bags to the grocery store is HUGE. Plus, many states and cities are instituting “ban the bag” taxes. So if you live in a taxed location, you’re saving money!

7. Bee friendly! Did you know bee’s wax is just as good as plastic wrap? Give this alternative a try. (We can’t resist a pun.)

8. Beautify your bathroom. Non-plastic shower curtains are cuter, machine-washable, and much better on the environment! Might we suggest these fabric shower curtains to liven up your bathroom?

Looking for more ways to help? Download our app to see what the Waterkeeper Alliance is doing to keep our waterways clean!

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Photo: Traveldigg