8 Ways To Upcycle Your Life

Upcycling, the repurposing of everyday household items, is all the rage these days. And for good reason: it combines the waste-saving function of recycling and a love of the environment with creativity. Upcycling is simply a way to use old things so there’s no waste. It’s recycling meets arts and crafts.

The best part is that you can upcycle anything. Deflated volleyballs can become vases, broken plates can become decorations for your backyard garden — even the fabric from an old sweater can be used as a notebook sleeve. The possibilities are endless, and fall is perfect season for it now that you’ll probably spend more time inside.

Check out 8 great ideas to upcycle the stuff in your house!

1. Wine corks. Create a cute monogram with nothing more than a few corks, a wood letter, and a hot glue gun.

2. Old flooring. Turn pieces of old flooring into chic place mats.

3. Jewelry. Have some broken jewelry that you’re not willing to part ways with? Repurpose them into a chandelier!

4. Suitcases. Deconstruct an old suitcase and use its parts for serving trays.

5. Jeans. Use the denim pockets of jeans to store miscellaneous items, from toothbrushes to beads to keys!

6. Books. Old books taking up space on the shelf? Stack, glue, and paint them something bright to have a fun new bedside stand.

7. Altoid tins. Upcycle an Altoid tin by making a mini jewelry box out of it!

8. Colanders. Give your colander a funky makeover by making it into the hanging planter you never knew you needed.

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