These Adorable Animals Need Your Help

We talk a lot about how we can help lift up our cause partners and their constituents, whether it’s on the blog, the app, or IRL. We love all our partners equally, but our conservation partners do have a leg up on the other causes — or in some cases a fin or a beak — because unlike the others, their constituents appeal to our cat GIF-loving, internet-obsessed hearts: adorable animals.

Take a look at these great causes’ insanely cute constituents and find ways to help them and the nonprofits who advocate for them on the app.

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American Prairie Reserve

ThatHelps American Prairie Reserve
This Giraffoidea wins every single staring contest.

ThatHelps Partner
Reach for the stars, little fella. 

Waterkeeper Alliance


Take a virtual dive in the Naples State Marine Conservation area through @sbchannelkeeper’s new Naples Dive Portal! Learn more about California’s MPAs and why the Naples Reef is such an important coastal gem. — cc: @ca_waterkeepers

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The cutest swim buddy.

It’s Friday! And this is a harbor seal hanging out on the Puget Sound.

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Seals should be the new cats, internet. Just saying.

Audubon Society


We cannot handle this tiny baby chick. 

The Peregrine Fund

Posted by The Peregrine Fund on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Squee noise.

Posted by The Peregrine Fund on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Please join us in marveling at this magnificent ‘do.

Trout Unlimited

Notice how this little guy brightens up his surroundings?

This cutty may have a touch of the grumpyface… But we think he’s still pretty cute.