The Most Inspiring Signs From The 2017 Climate March

The People’s Climate March took place on Saturday, drawing thousands of people to Washington D.C. and sister actions across the country to call for climate justice, including some of our conservation and sustainability partners. Besides the huge turnout and climate justice calls to action, we were psyched to see the serious and funny posters (which we hope are being reused or recycled) that also serve as powerful motivators for climate justice.

We rounded up the most inspiring signs from the Climate March (and a few inspiring famous faces). Bookmark ’em to motivate your climate-related Helps and Thanks on the app.

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Because every protest needs a little Lionel Richie…

Cosign the green sign.

Another thing every protest needs? Leonardo DiCaprio in sunglasses.

Because people need nature.

Frightening but honest.

“Preserve ruins, don’t ruin preserves.”


And the most inspiring sign: the sign that gives back!