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Subaru of America, Inc. (yes, the car company), is making a name for itself in the philanthropy world with Subaru Love Promise. Their actions speak for themselves: over the last two decades, they’ve donated over $120 million dollars to causes that matter to them, and their employees have volunteered over forty thousand hours of their time to great causes. Clearly, giving back is a top priority for the car manufacturer, not least evident by the careful branding of the Love Promise in order to appeal to the greatest number of customers and employees. This is just one reason we appreciate this company that helps.

Subaru Love Promise covers a wide range of clearly-defined interests.

Subaru Loves Pets, Subaru Loves the Earth, Subaru Loves to Help, and Subaru Loves to Care takes on issues of animal welfare, sustainable development, hunger and health, respectively. Of course, all of these are equally important, but we especially admire the Subaru Loves Learning Initiative for its combination of on-brand Helps!

Subaru fosters future leaders in STEM and sustainability.

The Learning Initiative works with the American Association for the Advancement of Science to provide students with science books and materials across the country. The program encourages students to get involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (STEM for short) by developing their interests early. And hopefully, inspire careers in these fields that will lead to breakthroughs and innovations in sustainable development, climate change, and more. (Like fossil fuel-free cars, something the company is working to develop.)

The company’s also gotten its dealerships and customers in involved in the Learning Initiative. Their 475 retailers will donate more than 76,000 award-winning science books to children in kindergarten through twelfth grade during the month of August. Retailers can donate these books in their name along with a motivational message. They can also choose local schools to receive the books and foster a deeper sense of community.

Another reason we love the Subaru Love Promise? The word “Love.” Most corporate philanthropy is pretty straightforward and dry, but the company’s campaign doesn’t shy away from the warm and fuzzy. Helping is emotional, after all — and we think it should be to inspire more good.

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