How Subaru, Patagonia, And More Companies Are Helping The Planet

If you’ve been on the app recently, you’ve seen Helps from companies, not just people. Businesses do a lot to support great causes, including our own cause partners, and we think it’s worthy of a shout out, especially the ones who are supporting conservation and the environment. (And no, we’re not on their payroll or getting kickbacks. We just shout out helps when see them.)

Check out these businesses’ recent helps for the environment, give them a Thanks on the app, and make a mental note the next time you go shopping…

  1. Subaru’s Leave No Trace partnership. The auto manufacturer offers programs for volunteers, youth, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and more on skills and techniques to reduce the impact of outdoor activities in the United States. They send teams to designated areas facing the threat of irreversible damage from recreation-caused impacts. The teams are also found at outdoor events to promote minimizing impacts at festivals. Who doesn’t want to slash their carbon footprint and have a good time? (Related: who wants to help us start a festival called Climatepalooza?)
  2. Patagonia’s environmental grants and Worn Wear® Program. The apparel seller bills itself an activist company, donating 1% of all sales to grassroots environmental organizations as well as training for activists and organizers. Even more reason to love them: every Black Friday, the company donates 100% of sales to grassroots environmental groups. Emphasis ours, because it’s never too soon to start planning your holiday shopping.
  3. Three Apple suppliers’ pledge for renewable power. Compal Electronics Inc., Sunwoda Electronic Co., and Biel Crystal Manufactory Ltd. are three iPhone suppliers pledged to use environmentally-friendly energy like solar and wind. More great news: Apple now gets 96% of its energy from renewable sources. Win/win/win.

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Photo: Patagonia