5 Small Yet Meaningful Actions To Make Altruism Contagious

Humans live very individualistic lives. One person’s day-to-day is different from their friend’s or the stranger’s standing next to them in line at the supermarket. Everyone has a completely different set of experiences that makes us who we are, in so many different ways, and at so many different stages of life.

We never know what another person is going through when we happen to cross paths, which is why we’re big proponents of doing little things to be kind. Need convincing to take that extra step? It not only inspires altruism in others, it’s good for your health, too.

Check out these ideas for simple, ordinary acts of altruism you can do to that can make a big impact on someone you know — or don’t.

Who knows? Maybe your small act of altruism will inspire them to do the same.

1. Put your phone in your pocket when you enter or exit a public place, so you’re not distracted from holding the door open for someone! (Think you don’t do this? Try it and see how many people thank you for this little action!)

2. Ask a server, sales person or clerk how their day is going — and look them in the eye.

3. Post a loving message of praise and Thanks on a friend’s Facebook wall for all to see, whether they’re going through a hard time, or just ’cause.

4. Complete a 5-second Help for one of our great cause partners! It takes no time to make a big impact on climate change, humanitarian aid, and more.

5. Hitting up a drive-thru or a Starbucks? Buy the driver or person waiting behind you a coffee or small snack. Who knows? It could kick off a pay-it-forward streak the whole day!

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Photo: Pexels