Meet The Non-Profit Preserving America’s Prairie

ThatHelps’ cause partner American Prairie Reserve pioneers the largest natural reserve in America. The reserve acts as a safe haven for people and animals, with the goal of protecting a vital part of America’s natural heritage: the three million acres of public lands in Montana.

The American prairie is more than the stuff of Laura Ingalls Wilder books. The Reserve is gradually expanding in all directions, while carefully preserving Native American reservations, national monuments and wildlife refuges. Their work encompasses maintaining the vast grasslands, habitat restoration, making a home for bison, research, and an adventure science program. The lands are managed collaboratively with state and federal agencies for both wildlife conservation and public access.

The natural American beauty is open for all to explore. You can experience the American Prairie Reserve firsthand.

With its rugged vistas and endless skies, a trip to the Reserve is perfect for both photographers and outdoorsmen.A trip to Reserve with your phone is guaranteed to break your Instagram likes record. (And we think you should show off photos from the American prairie — showing off is good for the world.)

Another reason we heart American Prairie Reserve? Teachers can plan an educational visit for students. A “living laboratory” for students of all ages lives on the Reserve offers a backdrop for learning that exposes visitors to a full diversity of ecological, cultural and historical elements in the northern Great Plains.

If you can’t make it there in person, there are other ways to show your support for America’s prairie land: download the free coloring bookbuy a t-shirt, or follow their stunning Instagram account.

There are even more ways to help restore and preserve American habitats and wildlife every day. Download ThatHelps app to find actions, inspiration, and more.

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Photo: American Prairie Reserve, @AmericanPrairie