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While the 2020 school year saw a 2.5% increase in average teacher salaries, educators’ classroom expenses increased by 25%. All teachers, including arts teachers, spend on average $820 out of their own wallet to get the classrooom supplies that they need. Many schools across the U.S. have seen budgetary cuts, and programs for the arts commonly see reductions.

K-12 teachers are allowed to take a tax deduction for some expenses but it is capped at $300. The 'Expand Education Deduction for Teachers Act' (H.R. 7071) would allow arts educators to take a tax deduction for expenses up to $2,000.

👉 Let's stand with arts programs and their teachers, and help them fund their classrooms the way that they're needed. Contact your representatives and tell them to support H.R. 7071 Find your representatives here:

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