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Interest: Clean Water

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Every April, advocates from around the world join the "Shower Strike" to raise awareness of global water issues. Without clean water, education cannot thrive, gender inequality grows, economic activity becomes stagnant, and development is stifled. Today, 2.2 BILLION people worldwide lack reliable access to safely managed drinking water (with about 2 MILLION being in the U.S.) *

Participate in this annual event in one of two ways:

💧 Commit to skipping or reducing showers from April 22-30, 2024 and transform lives. If the average 10-minute shower utilizes ~25 gallons of water you'll conserve 175 gallons of water in just 1 week!


💧Take your participation to a new level. Well Aware's "Shower Strike" contains options to fundraise, if you're so inclined. Specific dates are April 22-30, 2024. For details 👉

In 2023, shower strikers, like YOU, made it possible for 19,466 people to gain lasting clean water! Way to go!! Over the past 15 years of Shower Strike, clean water has been provided to nearly 197,000 people!

*: UN, WHO
📸: Medical News Today