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MARCH 2023 Update: Thanks to YOU for helping to advocate for elephants! Over 900,000 signatures were obtained to help tighten controls on the ivory trade. Loopholes in laws have been nearly closed! For all of the details:

AND, if you'd like to take a 1-minute action to continue to help elephants around the world, read on 👇


Today there are about half as many wild elephants in the world then there were in 1980, down from about 1.2 million to around 600,000. These amazing animals are cornerstone animals to their ecosystems and habitats.

Botswana is home to Africa’s largest elephant population but the country’s leadership has caved to agricultural interests in lifting its ban on hunting elephants.

Consider adding your name to a growing petition to ask Botswana to restore the ban on hunting elephants 👉

📸: Paul Souders, Danita Delimont