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APRIL 2022 UPDATE: 23 ThatHelps users’ participation on Ecosia has totaled 1,058 trees planted (all from the comfort of home). That creates enough oxygen for 2,000 people! It also absorbs 24 tons of carbon dioxide. Let’s keep planting! *


Just 50 trees can offset 7 flights across Canada!

Whether it’s that time of year or not to plant a tree where you live, you’ve got options to make an impact (for free).

This week, it’s all about planting trees from the comfort of your desk (or sofa)!

Plant trees while you surf the web with Ecosia. The company uses its profits to plant trees where they’re most needed. Over 60 million have been planted to-date.

- Tap “Join” and “Complete” to make an impact!

*: TenTree statistic; based on 1 minute using Ecosia search engine, per person
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