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During PTSD Awareness Month, we’ve shared that PTSD can be caused by any traumatic event and that anyone at any age can experience symptoms of PTSD.  We hope that you had a moment to check out last week’s series where there were options to make an impact in either raising awareness OR lending your name to keep PTSD treatment options available to those who desperately need them.

People from all walks of life lend a hand to help, and we’re inspired by those who do. Last year, Home Depot funded a project led by volunteers in Florida to help renovate a veteran’s home. This veteran had served in Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD. Earlier this year, a teenager volunteered his time building horse shelters at Miles Ranch, a horse ranch that offers therapy sessions for veterans with PTSD. Nobody at the ranch is paid, and the therapy sessions are offered to veterans free of charge. In 2019, over $60,000 (in volunteer services) was provided free to veterans. These services came in many ways, from people just wanting to help.  If you’re looking for inspiration and ways you can get involved......

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Thanks for joining us in this PTSD Awareness Month Series.  If you missed Parts 1-4, they are always available within the “Veterans Support” interest category.

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

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