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Easter conjurs up images of baskets filled with chocolate and candies, and perhaps an Easter brunch or dinner with family or friends. However you enjoy the day, consider going green for part of it.

Here are some ways to join in and help out our environment:

1. Baskets: Plastic baskets are old news; find a wicker basket or an old flower basket to use. Lining it doesn’t need to include multicolored plastic! You could put construction paper through a shredder, or cut it up. Consider real grass too!

2. Eggs & Candy: Instead of using food coloring to dye eggs, you can use vegetables and fruits. Learn how at:

Chocolates can also be purchased organic or fair-trade. Learn more at:

3. Easter Brunch/Dinner: Consider using non-plastic cutlery and glasses, as well as passing on the disposable plates.

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Source & Photo Credit: Greener Ideal