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Interest: Sustainability

Purpose: Lifestyle Change

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Humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute in total. Swap your water bottle for a reusable container and you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually.*

And, when you click ‘Join’ ThatHelps will include you in a random drawing to win your own Brita® Water Filter, replacement filters, and a ThatHelps reusable water bottle!

Here’s how to get involved:

Step 1: Purchase a reusable bottle. A few amazing options to consider are Hydro Flask ( and Swell (

Step 2: Use a water filter at home to ensure that your tap water is healthy for you. A few to consider are the Soma Plant Based Filter System ( or a Brita Filter System (

Step 3: Now you’re ready to get started and help reduce waste in the process! Be sure to read our monthly blog post on reducing plastic use:

Click ‘Join’ and when you make some progress click ‘Complete’!

Build your helping network by encouraging others to join as well!

*: Earth Day Network