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Interest: Sustainability

Purpose: Lifestyle Change

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We invite you to take the challenge! Instead of running an errand using your car, we challenge you to replace it with biking or walking.

There are many benefits to walking and biking, most of which are health and environmental. Communities that are more walkable lead to less air pollution and greenhouse gases. Exercise improves your circulation, reduces your risk of heart disease, and even helps you sleep!

Here are some simple ways to start:

- Choose an errand or another activity that you usually drive to. Consider the distance. Start with a shorter one first if you’re unsure how far you can go.

- Determine if there is an appropriate walking or biking path to the destination so that you’re safe.

- Start with a reasonable goal, say once a week, and let us know how you’re doing!

Hint: If you live on the east coast of the US, check out the walking and biking path that runs 3,000 miles from Maine to Key West! The East Coast Greenway is a protected path representing a commitment to public health and environmental sustainability.