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New Leaderboard Feature Ranks Who—and How Much—You Impact

By: ThatHelps

We’re excited to announce a new feature on ThatHelps app and website: a community leaderboard that ranks users’ most popular ideas and Opportunities that make a difference for people and causes. (Take a sneak peek above.)

What the new leaderboard means: 

  • Want to challenge friends or rally people to help a cause, like taking an anti-bullying pledge or protecting sea turtles from pollution? Now, everyone can see how many people have joined your call to action and who’s completed it. Also: everyone can see who’s shown you gratitude in the form of a Thank!
  • Monitor how your Opportunity stacks up to other users’. A little competition doesn’t hurt, right?
  • Measure your personal impact! Click your name or visit your profile to see a breakdown of all your good deeds over time, large and small.

How to use it:

  • Once you log in or register, look out for the “Community” navigation tab at the top. It features curated Opportunities and the leaderboard of the thirty most popular opportunities by number of completions.
  • Simply toggle between the top navigation tabs to see the Opportunities and tap on one to join!
  • Share on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread positivity!

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