Celebrate National Public Lands Day With 7 Stunning Photos Of American Landscapes

September 30th is National Public Lands Day, and it’s a holiday that’s particularly special to ThatHelps because it’s directly related to cause partners whose work touches on America’s public lands: American Prairie Reserve and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. The day was created to encourage all Americans to volunteer or support in their community, as well as inspire environmental stewardship in the face of climate change. (Fact: over 30% of American land is public land!)

There’s a lot you can do to help our cause partners protect and preserve America’s public lands. The first is download ThatHelps’ app in iOs or Android to find simple actions that make a difference and inspiration to stay involved. Other things you can do on National Public Lands Day: spend time in your public lands, whether it’s a trip to the nearest park or a a hike on a national forest. Or if you want to go even farther, organize a clean-up crew to pick up trash in your neighborhood or town.

Now admire these gorgeous scenes of America’s public lands on National Public Lands Day!

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A #publiclandsproud story from @kylemlynar: "Constant rain, snow and wind combined with the Absaroka Wilderness's rugged terrain, steep mountains, deadfalls and slippery conditions have taken their toll. My knees ache, my legs are sore and my pride is wounded, but my heart is full. @amlynar and I gave it our all for six and a half days in the Absaroka chasing elk. We walked over 65 miles in some of the most rugged terrain in the lower 48. We had a couple encounters with bulls under 40 yards but the Absaroka doesn't give up her elk easily. They're constantly hunted, not only by humans, but wolves and grizzlies as well. Some people define success as a bloody broadhead and a trophy. We did not bloody any broadheads spare a couple that were used on grouse. But we were successful. We had fun, we joked and we enjoyed the beauty of the Absaroka. We called in two bulls, we saw black bears and deer, and we climbed mountains. We were tested. We faced terrible conditions, we had multiple close calls with a sow grizzly and her cub and we faced the unknown. The Absaroka pushed us and we pushed it back. This time, however, the mighty Absaroka and her elk won, but we will be back and we will bloody broadheads. Maybe not the next time, or the time after that, but it will happen, eventually." • • #publiclandsproud #hunting #elkhunting #publicland #ihuntbecause #huntfishshoot #trophycountry #publiclandsday

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Photo: @AmericanPrairie