Mr. Trash Wheel, The Water Cleaning Machine, Legit Needs A TV Deal

Mr. Trash Wheel, the water cleaning machine who eats garbage in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, is the cutest, most helpful thing we’ve ever seen. Witness Mr. Trash Wheel’s environmental charisma if you have doubts:

So we ask the question: why is this adorable little dude not Kardashian-famous?

Ever since Mr. Wheel was installed in 2014, he’s picked up 420 tons of trash from the Jones Falls River, including lots and lots of Styrofoam cups which as we all know are horrible for the environment. (BTW, his creators assure us Trash Wheel is male.)

He’s busy — and beloved. So with all his good works and popularity, we have to ask: why is he not gracing our television screens? Where is the movie franchise? Let’s make Mr. Trash Wheel into a global celebrity for sustainability and clean waterways. The world certainly needs it…

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