Join the Reusable Water Bottle Challenge

Humans buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute on average. If you swap your plastic water bottle for a reusable one, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually.

That’s why ThatHelps created the Water Bottle Challenge to help you give up plastic bottles for good! Plus, you’ll have the chance to be the lucky winner of a Brita® water filter and a ThatHelps water bottle! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download our app to participate. Look for the Water Bottle Challenge opportunity under the “Featured” section at the top of your feed, then join! Once you’ve made the change to a reusable bottle, mark the opportunity complete.
  2. Use ThatHelps to build followers and expand your helping network. Invite people to follow you. Then follow causes and interests to discover even more opportunities that make a difference. Or create your own to help the causes and people you care about!
  3. Activate your networks. Share the app with friends, family, and neighbors to inspire them to cut down on plastic waste and track their impact. On our app, you can thank them for their efforts!

See if you’re getting a water filter and reusable bottle! Once 100 ThatHelps members complete the Water Bottle Challenge, we’ll select one member at random to receive a Brita® Water Filter, six filters, and a ThatHelps reusable water bottle. (Because you can always use a backup.)

Ready? Download ThatHelps!