Inspiring Moments From National Walkout Day

The National Walkout Day on March 14 united students across the country in response to the shooting tragedy in Parkland, Florida. The 17-minute walkout (one minute for each of the 17 people killed at Stoneman Douglas High School) began around 10 a.m. in each time zone across the country.

The tragedy sparked a national debate on mental health, gun control, and safety, and motivated thousands of students across the country to take a stand for gun violence prevention and honor the seventeen victims. The results of yesterday’s collective action were nothing short of moving. The National Walkout Day resulted in inspiring images and moments that stand out for their bravery, messages of hope and unity, and a passionate dedication to a very important cause.

Check out the inspiring moments from the National Walkout Day.


The powerful human messages of “Enough” and peace.




Justin Blackman and Rosa Rodriguez, who were the only students at their respective schools to participate in the National Walkout.



The signs.


Students held “die-ins” to represent lives lost to gun violence.



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo participated in a die-in. 




The students who literally broke through a gate to participate in the walk out.



The students who didn’t let a little rain keep them from participating.



Civic engagement. The National Walkout inspired Indivisible to launch voter registration campaigns all over the country.



The very young (and very cute) faces.


Feeling inspired by the National Walkout students’ actions?

First, discover ways you can help the Parkland victims and gun violence prevention here. Then download ThatHelps’ free app to discover the organizations, businesses, and individuals working on the issues like mental health and gun violence prevention. Once you download it, don’t forget to use the Thanks button to show your gratitude. Thanking creates a ripple effect of altruism and kindness, something we can all use more of in the word.

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Photo: @AMarch4OurLives