5 Easy Ways To Stand Up For Human Rights

Sunday, December 10 is International Human Rights Day. The day marks the anniversary of the United Nation’s adoption of the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. This year, Human Rights Day kicks off a year-long campaign to mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Declaration, the historic document that proclaimed the human rights which everyone is inherently entitled to, regardless of any kind of status: race, religion, sex, language, political party, nationality, property, or birth. It’s the most translated document in the world, available in more than 500 languages.

Several outstanding organizations work at the forefront of human rights advocacy and humanitarian aid, including the International Rescue Committee. The IRC responds to some of the world’s worst crises like the recent famine in Yemen and the Syrian refugee crisis. Everyone can do something to honor the special day.

If you care about human rights, take these five simple actions to honor Human Rights Day and stand up for the cause.

1. Read an illustrated version of the Declaration of Human Rights here.

2. Use the #StandUp4HumanRights on social media to show your support and join the conversation.

3. Take the United Nations’ pledge to stand up for human rights.

4. Give a rescue gift that helps refugees. The International Rescue Committee provides rescue tents, school, and emergency food supplies for displaced families all over the world.  You can dedicate these vital services to a friend or a loved one. What can be better holiday gift than life-saving humanitarian aid?

5. Download ThatHelps’ free app to discover easy ways to help other vetted organizations like the IRC and more causes. Once you download it, don’t forget to use the Thanks button to show gratitude. Thanking creates a ripple effect of altruism and kindness!
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