Steal This “Hearts For Refugees” Campaign If You Want To Do More To Help Refugees

Our partner the International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict. Literally life-saving work. Since most of us aren’t globe-trotting doctors or activists, finding ways to support refugees other than donating a few bucks can leave you asking, “So, what can I even do?”

Ashley Lavin’s Hearts for Refugees fundraiser answers this question. The Lavin family collected valentines — simple paper hearts with sweet messages — for refugees in their area. They also committed to donating $1 to the IRC for every card collected. The results? They tripled their fundraising goal and shared a warm welcome to kids who just moved to New York City from war-torn areas.


Lavin fully supports you stealing her idea! (See: “STEAL THIS IDEA!”) If you’re feeling helpless to support refugees right now, steal Lavin’s idea for your community: Cards + Cards-Making Party = Major Impact

Reminder: it doesn’t need to be a holiday to give someone a card! Find a local IRC chapter or a refugee settlement center. (If you don’t know where one is, a religious or community center should be able to point you in the right direction). Then, buy some paper, scissors, and markers, invite some pals, and get card making. The fundraising element is optional, but why not? Post the cardmaking action on Crowdrise or, and invite folks to make cards and donate to the IRC.

Bonus: group actions like card-making make communities tighter. Everyone benefits when you help. So get stealing!

Find 10 more ways to help refugees here and retweet @ThatHelps’ tweet to help raise $100 to the IRC!