Celebrate #GivingTuesday By Helping Our Amazing Partners

It’s time for our second favorite holiday of the year. (Our favorite being the day all about giving thanks, Thanksgiving, because we’re all about spreading gratitude.) Tuesday, Nov. 28 is #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving for nonprofits and community organizations. After the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, #GivingTuesday is the perfect way to refocus on helping and kindness after so much consumption and excess.

#GivingTuesday, which was started six years ago, encourages folks to give all day long. And it’s only grown in popularity: all kinds of organizations participate, from local groups to international nonprofits. It can be hard to know which cause to help on #GivingTuesday. That’s why we ThatHelps’ app offers a vetted list of inspiring, hard-working organizations called Partners who work at the forefront of interests you care about: climate change, conservation, animal welfare, education, children, cancer, poverty, and more. (See our full list of Partners here.)

So why should events like #GivingTuesday only happen once a year?

Helping and acts of kindness should be habit, right? There are so many more ways to help besides donating money. ThatHelps shares easy, quick opportunities to help the interests you care about and the vetted nonprofits who work on the issues. Plus, there’s a way to thank the causes, companies and individuals for doing good. The more you thank, the more kindness you inspire. (It’s also good for your health.) Download the only app dedicated to helping and practice giving on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday — every day.

Discover vetted causes and simple ways to help them on ThatHelps’ app. Download for iOs or Android.
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Photo/GIF: ThatHelps