The Best Free Language Apps For Any Age

The Global Language Project advocates and implements language education for children of all age and their teachers. GLP provides educators with training and uniquely designed curricula to encourage foreign language learning. They believe language learning should be accessible to everyone, not just a privilege for a select few.

What motivates their work? Students who learn other languages from an early age perform significantly better in critical aspects of brain development, attention control, and problem solving. Bilingualism helps kids do better on standardized tests for college and ultimately in life. Bonus: learning another language builds their awareness of other cultures as well as a self-confidence in public speaking.

With the spirit of GLP’s mission to help kids learn new languages in mind, we rounded up the best free language apps to help inspire you to learn a new language, no matter your age. There’s no age limit on learning, so why can’t adults learn a second or third or even fourth language? ¿Por qué no? 

Best Free Language App To Help You Stay Committed: Babbel

Serious about learning but have a packed schedule? Babbel focuses on long-term language development with convenience. They teach practical, real life conversations right from the beginning, then hone in on comprehension. The lessons are only 10-15 minutes, and they incorporate the words users have already learned into new lessons.

Best Free Language App That’s Actually Fun: Duolingo

Duolingo is designed to be played like a game. The app features bright, fun pictures in a series of games designed to maintain a long learning streak, plus you can record yourself speaking the new phrases you learned and compare it to the audio on the app. Bonus: the child-friendly interface allows adults to learn alongside kids. The family that learns a foreign language together…

Best Free Language App If You’re Not A Newbie: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a pre-smart phone classic. (90s kids may remember its yellow CD-ROM cover.) Rosetta is one of the most comprehensive language education platform on the internet, offering a whopping 25 languages on its mobile apps. The platform allows you to start learning at different levels, so it’s the best option if you’re a little out of practice but still remember a lot so you don’t have to start from scratch. Full disclosure: not every feature is free, but they offer student and professional discounts.

Best Free Language App That Feels Like A Real Conversation: Memrise

From its gamifcation features to chat bots, Memrise feels like you’re actually talking to someone. We love that you can compete with friends, too, so you can learn a new language with someone you know and keep one another motivated with the competitive spirit. It offers a range of languages like Arabic and even Norwegian, so the competitions can literally span the entire globe.

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Photo:  Pexels, Global Language Project