How To Make EVERY Day Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! We love April 22 not only because oceans, forests, and mountains are obviously awesome, but also it’s the perfect time to shout out the incredible cause partners at the forefront of conserving our amazing planet: Adventure Scientists, American Prairie Reserve, Bioneers, East Coast Greenway, Audubon, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Peregrine Fund, Trout Unlimited, and Waterkeeper Alliance.

Earth Day is great, but we feel strongly that helping Earth doesn’t and shouldn’t stop on ceremony. The ThatHelps’ app updates daily with Opportunities to support and volunteer with our partners, and users, companies, and partners share their Helps and Opportunities, too. Just a few examples of what you can discover on the app today: find out how to participate in the Earth Day Challenge, read an article on how a Kentucky coal company is building the state’s largest solar farm, and see how one makeup company’s awesome sustainable packaging.

Check the app often and don’t forget to show off your Helps and say Thanks. Discover ways to make every day Earth Day on the ThatHelps app and find folks who care about the environment as much as you do!

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