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As the world’s leaders work to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis, it’s important to remember they aren’t the only ones with the power to help refugees. On a micro-level, individuals can make a a major impact too, like the Lavin family’s “Hearts for Refugees” campaign that provided comfort to hundreds of refugees.

On a larger level, organizations like the International Rescue Committee work relentlessly at the forefront of humanitarian aid and rescue efforts. Companies are helping, too. One business is going above and beyond to support refugees, collaborating with the IRC to ensure their efforts are sound, efficient, and above all, helpful.

How WeWork and the IRC are helping refugees

WeWork is the world’s largest co-working company in the world, renting shared work spaces all over the globe. On January 3, they announced their WeWork Community Refugee Hiring Initiative in partnership with the IRC and two other humanitarian organizations. The main goal: employ 1,500 refugees over the next five years. But that’s not all they want to do.

They’re calling on their network of companies who rent space from WeWork as well as the broader business community to double their efforts. WeWork has also pledged to train refugees and offer much-needed language instruction and mentorship. They plan to tap into local community events, job fairs, and volunteer opportunities to get out the message. What’s even better is that this plan gives its members and employees an opportunity to support refugees, too. It’s a win/win/win for everyone.

Why WeWork’s partnership with IRC matters

It’s pretty easy for a massive company to throw money at a nonprofit or update employment policy. WeWork’s pledge to hire refugees and nurture their lives post-hire shows a thoughtfulness and an impressive depth of commitment. By partnering with an esteemed organization with first-hand knowledge of the crisis like the IRC, the company shows they’ve done their homework on the issue. The partnership provides vital support for thousands of families in crisis.

We’re grateful for any company who steps up in a time of chaos to help make a difference. (We believe in saying Thanks loudly and often. Thanking creates a ripple effect of altruism and kindness.) Check out other companies that help to see more businesses stepping up their humanitarian game.

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