This Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Is The Hero We Need

Chainsaw Nun hurricane irma
Not all heroes wear capes, right? Well, in this case, some heroes wear something that looks kind of like a cape. Take a lesson from Sister Margaret Ann of Miami, Florida. She’s the nun who picked up a chainsaw following Hurricane Irma and got down to work in full habit and veil.

Hurricane Irma devastated many parts of Florida, knocking over trees and destroying homes. Sister Margaret Ann noticed tree limbs blocking the path to her school in downtown Miami, Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School. She remembered there were chainsaws sitting in a closet, so the resourceful, quick-thinking woman of the cloth got to work and removed tree limbs and debris from the road.

Watch Sister Margaret Ann the chainsaw-wielding nun in action:

Posted by Miami-Dade Police Department on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The lesson here is pretty clear: everyone can do their part to help after a major disaster (chainsaw optional). Another lesson from the chainsaw nun’s heroism: saying Thanks inspires more altruism. Just read the thousands of Facebook comments thanking the nun for her simple help to see how they’ve inspired others to do the same for the victims of the recent slew of natural disasters.

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Photo: Miami-Dade Police Department Facebook