Announcing An Update to the App That Helps You Improve Our World

ThatHelps is excited to announce our new and awesome app. You may notice it looks a little different. That’s because we made some big updates that will empower you unleash your potential to help the world—and have fun while you do. Here are some of our favorite new app features:

  1. Earn rewards. Rack up badges and rewards for the good you do! The more people you rally, or the longer you keep a helping streak going, the more accolades you earn.
  2. Impact tracking. Measure your positive influence and actions over time.
  3. New look. We won’t get into the details, but the Helping News Feeds and Opportunities should look better on your device. Plus, now you can easily toggle between your Interests and sort Opportunities to help.
  4. Healthy social networking. It’s never been easier to connect with fellow changemakers on ThatHelps. You can still publish your own Opportunities and Helping News, but we made it easier to see how others are helping. Plus, our research team vets content for anything that shouldn’t be there, like spam.

Open or download ThatHelps to check out the new features. We’d love your feedback! Leave us a review in the App Store or Google Play. Or, email your thoughts on the new app to!