5-Second Help: Support Humanitarian Aid Workers

ThatHelps’ partner Mercy Corps is calling on you to support humanitarian aid workers ahead of World Humanitarian Day (Saturday, August 19). Why should let the humanitarian aid workers know you support them? The simple act of saying “Thanks” can have a huge ripple effect on everyone around you and inspire more acts of altruism.

Mercy Corps’ 5,000 team members work tirelessly to put kindness into action every day, in over forty countries, in the most dangerous places to be an aid worker. They work side by side with the folks who face poverty, conflict and disaster, in places like the Sudan, Syria, Mali, and Jordan, just to name a few.

Got five seconds?

Send a note to Mercy Corps’ humanitarian aid workers.

Got a little more time? Get to know a few of the Mercy Corps aid workers and read how they risk their lives to make a difference. Want to do even more to help global aid? ThatHelps’ shares opportunities to support the incredible work of Mercy Corps and other organizations at the fore front of conflict, famine and illness. Check out the app to say Thanks, stay up to date on humanitarian causes and find ways to help.

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Photo: mercycorps.org