3 More Great Volunteer Opportunities For National Volunteer Month

Last week we told you April was National Volunteer Month, and this week, we’re back with three more awesome ways you can participate! (In case you need some motivation: altruism is good for your health.) Reminder: find all the opportunities you see below AND more on our app. Download for iPhone here or Android here.

1. Take Tom’s of Maine’s #LessWasteChallenge. The toothpaste company will mail a free shipping label to you if you fill up a box with old toys. You ship the box of old toys to them and they’ll recycle them all. How easy is that? Technically, that’s not volunteering, but may we offer up a workaround? Offer to ship your friends and neighbors’ old toys, too, and you’ve just volunteered your time to do a solid for the environment. Blam-o.

2. Volunteer with Human Rights CampaignHRC’s volunteer-led events and activities engage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people and allies, educate the public and raise funds necessary to support their important work… And volunteer positions are now open nation-wide! Whether you’re LGBTQ or an ally, sharing your time with this organization is a great way to support.

3. Support Chess In School’s college-bound kids (New York City only). Our partner Chess In School is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to improving academic performance and building self-esteem among NYC’s public school children. What better way to kickstart volunteerism than by mentoring young kids?