This Actor’s Story Of Stuttering Will Literally Double Your Feels Today

ThatHelps‘ partner Stuttering Association For the Young is a national non-profit organization that empowers, educates, and supports young people who stutter and the world that surrounds them.

Jeremy Hays, a Broadway actor, shared his story of living with stuttering as he prepares to become a father. Hays not only beautifully describes what it’s like to live with stuttering (“anxiety and stuttering have always been good dance partners”) but the very relatable worries about becoming a father. Here’s one of our favorite passages:

“I’m coming to the end of my Broadway run. I find it harder and harder to speak fluently as my last show draws near. I think about when the next job will come. I think about diapers, and health insurance, and SIDS, and birthing tubs, and bills. I think about how I need to grow as an artist; how I need to be the best father to my little girl; how to somehow turn this love so massive that it cannot be concealed into fatherhood. ”

Read Jeremy’s full story here, and find and share opportunities to support SAY.Org on the app.