How To Help Blood Donation If You Can’t Donate Blood

June 14 is the World Health Organization’s World Blood Donor Day, and obviously, the campaign is asking everyone who’s able to donate blood as often as possible and to raise awareness about the need for blood donors worldwide.

Know you’re good to donate? Read these best practices tips before donating and find your nearest Red Cross Blood Drive location here.

Not so sure you’re able to donate because of low iron, or maybe you faint at the sight of needles? (Or just reading the word!) Don’t worry — here’s how you can support the cause without donating.

1. Get the facts on blood donation and global health. Take the WHO’s quiz and spread the info!

2.  Keep this story about the Nepal earthquake crisis in your heart. Fair warning: you may need tissues.

3. Be a blood donor advocate. Put up a World Blood Donor Day poster in your school, dorm, or place of worship, or share a graphic on social media.

4. Thank a blood donor. The simple act of showing gratitude for someone’s altruism has a ripple effect, inspiring other acts of helping all around.

5. Find more ways to help emergency relief efforts. Download ThatHelps in iTunes here or in Google Play here