Need A Witty Reaction Face? Try One Of Trout Unlimited’s Very Expressive Fish

ThatHelps’ cause partner Trout Unlimited focuses on conserving habitats for freshwater fish, including the trout and salmon. Founded in Michigan in 1959, the organization has since spread across the U.S. and has amassed over 300,000 members and 400 chapters throughout the states. Another mission besides restoring fisheries locally and nationally is the welfare of the freshwater animals.

Trout Unlimited created the Conservation Success Index to measure the health of species of fish in their natural environments. The index allows the organization to center their efforts around the populations of fish that are in most need of help, whether it’s through preservation or restoration.

The ultimate goal of Trout Unlimited is to get the populations of potentially endangered fish back up to substantial numbers all over North America so that future generations of freshwater fish — and humans — can enjoy clean, healthy places to live. Another reason we <3 Trout Unlimited: the organization’s social media feed is full of quirky fish faces that serve as incredible reaction faces a la Giphy’s reaction GIFs or Know Your Meme. We recommend taking a screen shot of the very expressive fish below or share the link the next time you’re in search of a witty reply!

Enjoy these fish-y reaction faces courtesy of Trout Unlimited and discover how you can help protect them!

Reaction face: #disbelief

Reaction face: #ew

Reaction face: #sarcasm

Reaction face: #idgaf

Reaction face: #ohsnap 

Reaction face: #hanger

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For two months this summer, five students from the TU Costa 5 Rivers Outreach Program (@tucosta5rivers) will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey in pursuit of 15 native trout species, all on their public land. With support from the U.S. Forest Service, Costa Sunglasses, Simms Fishing Products, Fishpond and Post Fly Box, these students will tell the stories of our native trout, the places they live, and the local economies they fuel. Check out their native odyssey feed over at the Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers’ social media accounts to see what they’re up to in their adventure. They will fish and explore our public lands around the country, unearthing challenges facing our native trout species. In addition to pursuing each species on fly, they will be interviewing local stakeholders, including ranchers, TU Volunteers, TU and U.S. Forest Service staff. They hope to reveal a diverse set of perspectives on what public lands, native species, and clean water means to each region the students visit. Please support their trip by giving them a follow. #publiclandsproud #saveourwaterTU @sweetwater #anativeodyssey

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Reaction face: #facepalm

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Photo: @TroutUnlimited