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One of our most popular opportunities here on ThatHelps over the years is a water bottle challenge. Four years ago, it was aimed at urging us all to try a reusable water bottle. Over 500 people have gotten involved - it's amazing! 🎉

Four years later, you might be surprised to know that the plastic water bottle business is BOOMING! Wow, right?! What happened? With all that we know about plastics, their harm to our environment AND our health, those 1 MILLION bottles of water sold every MINUTE are expected to DOUBLE by 2030.

Join with us in ending the reliance on plastic-bottled water. Be part of the solution. Try a REUSABLE water bottle (and if you need an incentive, we've got a few to take a look at 👇)

💧 Need even more incentive? The average American buys 167 disposable plastic water bottles annually, costing you $266, a year. * Take some of those funds, buy a reusable water bottle, and a home're still saving $200/yr.

Thank you!


Reusable Water Bottles:
1️⃣ KOR Water (and every bottle purchased allows them to donate one to a homeless person):

2️⃣ HydroFlask: I've had mine for years and I love it.

*: Earthday
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