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SEPTEMBER 4, 2023 Update: Congrats to Philena Scheulen and Leah Williams for winning our Sustainability At Home celebration!

Thank YOU to everyone who has been bringing some 🟢 into their homes! The journey continues....stay tuned!


You've been bringing some sustainability into your home with us these last weeks and now it's time to celebrate the positive impact YOU've made! 201 of you and counting! ThatHelps wants to celebrate YOU as we continue on our sustainability journey together.

We're giving 2 ThatHelps community members a chance to win a 1-months supply of a reusable/sustainable product that YOU love to use at home! * Love a certain bamboo toilet paper?! Running out of compostable paper towels or reusable rags? Need a new air-drying rack for your clothes? All you have to do is.......

1️⃣ Tap "Join" above.

2️⃣ Comment what 2 opportunities you've JOINED & COMPLETED in our "Sustainability At Home" series so far. (We'll be checking to make sure 😉)

3️⃣ Tap "Complete" above (no later than Sunday, September 3 at 9:00pm EST)

4️⃣ On LABOR DAY (MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4) come back here to ThatHelps to see which 2 randomly-chosen users have won!


What have we achieved TOGETHER over the last weeks?

🎉 Conserving 6,860 gallons (and counting!) of earth's precious water JUST from turning off the water while brushing your teeth

🎉 On track to save 19 trees and 26,600 gallons of water over the coming year by simply eliminating traditional paper towels from your home

🎉 Creating park benches and tables from upcycling your used razors

🎉 Reducing the 27,000 trees cut down EVERY day for traditional toilet paper, just by choosing a sustainable option such as bamboo toilet paper

🎉 Saving (a minimum of) 630 watts of energy in 1 month from unplugging devices or appliances you don't use regularly

Thank YOU for continuing to bring sustainability into your home. Stay tuned for more opportunities to help!

*: The 1-month's supply of one reusable/sustainable product is limited to $50. ThatHelps will reach out to you for contact information. You have until FRIDAY, September 8 at 11:59pm EST to respond back to us with your product choice before we select a backup winner. Product will be purchased by ThatHelps from an online retailer only, and shipped to you. No reimbursements offered for previously purchased products. No direct payments will be made to you by ThatHelps.
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