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We’d like to thank our community for sending more than 16,000 emails urging the Department of the Interior to stop the Alaska Willow (oil drilling) Project. Despite collective action, this week's decision to continue this oil drilling project is a blow to the community of Nuiqsut, Arctic wildlife, and the global climate.

We will continue to answer with action. While we will challenge projects that have already been approved, urge the administration to take decisive action to change the future of oil in the America's Arctic! Add your name in support 👉

Thank you.

BACKGROUND: ConocoPhilips’ Willow oil drilling project in the Alaskan Arctic is estimated to extract more than 160,000 barrels of oil per day for the next 30 years, which a Center for American Progress analysis finds would dwarf the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by fulfilling the U.S. commitments on renewables on public lands and waters. This massive oil extraction operation threatens the health of caribou, moose, birds and the habitats of other wildlife. Indigenous families living near the project site also do not support it.'