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Many of us have likely had that moment at some time in our life where checking our credit brought on anxiety pains! Credit scores act as indicators of one's financial history and are often a key in determining access to basic necessities. A poor credit score can have disastrous effects on a person's ability to access housing, education, employment, utilities, and more.  

The American credit reporting system was created to eliminate bias, but it overlooks the decades of discrimination that many communities in the U.S. have faced. In addition, the credit reporting companies are typically not held accountable for their mistakes. In 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that Equifax and Transunion had been deceiving and taking advantage of borrowers by misrepresenting the scores provided to consumers, telling them that they were receiving the same scores that lenders and businesses received - they were not. 

Let's call for the credit reporting system to be overhauled. Consider adding your name in support 👉

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