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Keeping students active before, during, and after school is essential to their growth. Not only has research shown that kids will have improved cardiorespiratory health, but activity also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. If you're looking for structured programs to give your kids a boost, read on for information about this amazing partnership with the NFL. (And yes, it's for both boys AND girls!)

GENYOUth is an organization dedicated to creating healthier school communities. Since 2014, their partnership with the NFL has helped 13M students get active across the U.S. Their NFL Flag-In-School kits are now available for your school this spring. This kit is a great way to give students the opportunity to “Play 60” while introducing them to the fast-paced fun of NFL FLAG. 

Or, the NFL Flag experience is also available outside of the school environment as well.

This is a free program that your school (or you!) can get involved in! To learn more 👉

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