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MAY 23, 2023 Update: Thanks to all of YOU that participated in this nationwide event! About 332 TONS of medications were safely disposed of across the U.S. on this one day. Thanks for helping to keep our waterways cleaner, all with one simple step! If you missed the actual day, you can still find a place to dispose of unused/old medications at any time. Details 👇


Looking for an easy way to help our local waterways (and our health and 🌎 at the same time)?! There’s a free-and-easy way to make an impact. Every year, Prescription Drug Take Back Day shines a spotlight on the destruction that precription meds can have on our health and environment when disposed of improperly, including flushing down the toilet or throwing them in the garbage. The great thing? You can dispose of prescription meds anytime of the year, so if the official day on April 22, 2023 doesn't work for you, it's easy to take part.

Last year's event collected 721,093 lbs. (360 tons) of medications from across the U.S.!

By cleaning out your medicine cabinet and finding a drop-off location for safe disposal of unused/expired meds, you’ll be:

💧 Helping to keep medications out of our waterways. (Over 80% of waterways tested in the U.S. show traces of common medications such as acetaminophen, hormones, blood pressure medicine, codeine, and antibiotics.)

❤️ Helping to prevent medications from getting into the wrong hands. 50% of people who misused prescription painkillers got them from a friend or family member. 

🐠 Helping to keep marine life safer. (A recent study off the coast of Florida found 58 prescription drugs in 93 bonefish.)

Go ahead and clean out those medicine cabinets. Find a medication drop-off near you on April 22 (as well as other days of the year):

PS - Anytime of the year, local drugstore pharmacies generally take back prescription meds for proper disposal. Just ask and stop by! Or, check out

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