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What if we told you that something your body grows naturally can be used to help oil spills, in a real way?

We wish that discussing oil spills wasn't even on the radar, but since 1969 there have been at least 44 oil spills affecting U.S. waters. What's even more daunting is that at least 420,000 gallons of oil was involved in each of those. Cleaning up that oil is far from a simple task, yet human hair (and that of your pets) can be used in cleanup efforts.

You shampoo because hair collects oil. Matter of Trust collects hair, fur, fleece and laundry lint to make mats that clean up oil spills. (2023 marks their 25th year in operation too!)

Whether you're at a salon, barber, or doing your cut at home......donate your hair clippings to help. PS - You can even mention it to your barber/salon to make an even greater impact.

Source: Matter of Trust; NOAA - Office of Response & Restoration
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