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For us here in the western part of the world, our New Year occurred on January 1 and well, lasted for one day. For many other cultures, the Lunar New Year is coming up and varies quite a bit. So, what sets this new year off differently than ours here in the western world?

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🗓 In 2023, Lunar New Year begins on Sunday, January 22 and ends on Sunday, February 5. 

🕯The first day of Lunar New Year is called the Spring Festival, and the final day is the Lantern Festival in Chinese culture.

❤️ Lunar New Year represents letting go of the past year to bring in the new one and all its possibilities. 


🐠 In China, it's tradition to eat fish. It's a sign of good luck and abundance. Fun Fact: The fish is not to be finished though as leftovers are thought to provide extra money or abundance in the new year.

💰 Younger people traditionally receive red envelopes from their family containing money. It's a way to show kindness to the younger generation.

🐇 People born during the Year of the Rabbit are said to carry qualities of that animal. People born in its year are seen as caring and attentive to details. They are also said to be successful in their careers and good at making friends. 

Source: USA Today