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The holidays are a time to come together and be grateful for all we have. But what if your family drives you nuts or life just isn’t great this year? (Our brains are wired to pay more attention to negative things than the positive.)

If you’re in need for a quick fix this time of year, consider the following:

💙 The technical term is “downward counterfactual thinking.” In easy terms, consider how your life could be worse. This easy technique has been shown to boost gratitude and well-being in all sorts of contexts. This technique highlights our luck. It rekindles good feelings from the past.

💙 In need of quick positives? This free hotline provides a 24x7 pick-me-up with messages of encouragement, or things as simple as listening to kids’ laughter. Call 707-873-7862. (It’s the Peptok hotline!)

So, this holiday season or any other time you’re struggling to regain positivity, know that you’re not alone.

Source: Big Think
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